Tilke Platteel-Deur

The Art of Integrative Breathwork Therapy

Integrative Therapy

Integrative Therapy involves the fusion of different methods of psychotherapy, like Integrative Breathwork, Voice Dialogue, NLP, etc. The word ‘integrative’ refers to integrating thoughts, convictions and feelings into the personality: taking disowned, unaware, or unresolved aspects of the self and making them part of a cohesive personality, reducing the use of defense mechanisms and further the original spontaneity.

Integrative Therapy practitioners are not bound by the theories, dogma, conventions or methodology of any one particular school. Instead, they use what they know from experience will work best in a given situation, best suited to the often-immediate needs of their clients. As practitioners, they prefer working within their own preferences and capabilities.

Integrative Breathwork Therapy

“A therapist’s core skill is the capacity to get in touch with the client’s deepest experience. Without a bodily-sensed experience, change is usually skin-deep”
Hilde Rapp


This bodily-sensed experience is easily and elegantly reached through working with conscious connected breath.

Of all the different approaches and procedures to achieve this true contact with clients and this deep-felt change, breathwork is a very powerful and effective tool.

Precise and profound integrative breathwork in psychotherapy opens the possibility to reach deeper into the person’s being. It has the power to pave the way to connect inner power as well as vulnerability, a way that seems to be the emperor’s road to genuine strength and the experience of Essence. Clients are guided in such a way that they become aware of their own energy system. The more their physical energy builds up and becomes tangible, the more they will become conscious of the fact that they are far more than just a physical body, that in fact they are energy; energy that is contained in a body, energy that is pure Essence. Eventually, the conscious connected breath will lead a person to feeling completely safe with his emotions in the physical body.